Jesus has come to set the captives free! In many areas in my life this was so for the last seven years of my 26 years relationship with Jesus. He has begun to till my heart. There are many prisons, deep-rooted attitudes, inherited sin and bondage. Prisons that are not easy to acknowledge in your heart. Touching Hearts is such a beautiful gift of love from Jesus. This ministry has been an instrument to facilitate a true release in the spiritual, to allow the full potential and purposes of God for my life.  
  - Cindy  
  There really was no hope for us. Every imaginable ugly word had been spat out in venom to one another. As a last resort we agreed to attend the course. Friday evening became a haven, a place to be made aware, to learn, without any recriminations. We eventually began to realize how wide and how long, high and deep is the love of Christ. We have now stepped into a new beginning: God's way. Our prayer for you is just to be there.  
  - Wouw & Sonia  
  In five-year living-together relationship, I was spiritually and mentally dying. What does it really mean to be loved? Through the Touching Hearts course the Lord showed me the spiritual implications of living together, without despising or condemning me! The Lord gently led me through the "not ready to move out stage". I finally moved out and the Lord is still showering me with His unconditional love. I have peace within me. I don't look back any more, my eyes are on Jesus and not on man. Healing and restoration of our relationship is now in His Hands. I couldn't have done it without His Unconditional Love  
  As my wedding day drew nearer there seemed no positive way of finding solutions to the obstacles in my relationship with Cornay. I joined the Touching Hearts not knowing the extent of how my life was to be enriched; each lesson opened my eyes to how man's biggest problem is himself. I started accepting myself as God accepts me and opened up to His unconditional Love. The subjects discussed helped me understand God's will for me and I unloaded my worries and burdens. My life took a new meaning with an enormous amount of energy. Touching Hearts allows you to know yourself; accepting, understanding and sharing without feeling uncomfortable. your heart will be touched by God and so will you Touch His!  
  When I was introduced to Touching Hearts, I was very skeptical but committed to continuing. I had gone for counseling prior to the course, being a confused young woman trapped between relationships. I was lost, not knowing who I was or what I wanted to be. Touching Hearts touched my heart and helped me deal with the baggage I was carrying through life. It was not long before I was released and whole again. Richard and I got married a month after the course ended, with a marriage built on rock. It saved my relationship and it can do the same for you. What have you got to lose??